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Owner James Norie named Jimmy's taxi after his dad. This is a real and true family company. Personal, friendly and effective.

"When you call Jimmy's taxi it's like calling a friend to come and pick you up. The services is always personal, smashing and friendly."

Jimmy's taxi has become a household name far beyond the borders of Goole. We provide a valuable service for the region and we are proud of it.


Arrange your transport with Jimmy's. We provide a personal service that is built around you.

With Jimmy's you can arrange your transport as if you are calling a friend. We will always be there to pick you up and get you from A to B. Safe and convenient.

If you arrange your transport in advance, we will accommodate your request and make it our personal matter to get you there.


We provide an important service to the community. Our taxi is fully equipped to provide wheelchair access and transportation.

We made no compromises when it comes to wheelchair access. If it is transportation to or from a hospital, doctors appointments or looking after a loved one.

Call Jimmy's taxi and we will make sure you will from A to B, safe. We are very experienced in special needs transportation.